"Work WITH the people,
not FOR them"

The One Happy Family Community Center is a place which is built and run together with people from refugee camps on the Greek island of Lesvos.

Who we are and what we do

Learn about the hisory and the people behind the One Happy Family community center.

Volunteer with us

We are always looking for people which support us on the ground as Volunteers.

Help us to be able to help

Your money keeps the center up and running. You can donate via bank transfer or PayPal.

From our blog

  • One Happy Podcast #5
    This Episode is all about the One Happy Family currency the ‘Drachma’. What is Drachma? Where does this name come from? Where can I use Drachma? How many Drachmas do I need for a tea or a coffee?  How does the new recycling idea for the café work? How much costs a shampoo? What do we have in our shop? How many Drachmas do I need to play one round […]

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