"MIT den Menschen,
statt FÜR sie"

Das "One Happy Family" Gemeinschaftszentrum ist ein Ort, der zusammen mit Menschen aus den Flüchtlingslagern auf der griechischen Insel Lesbos aufgebaut und betrieben wird.

Wer wir sind und was wir tun

Erfahre mehr über die Geschichte und die Leute hinter dem “One Happy Family” Gemeinschaftszentrum.

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Wir sind immer auf der Suche nach Leuten welche uns vor Ort als freiwillige Helfer unterstützen möchten.

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  • ‘Sometimes a Mandala can save a life’
    Dilan Siper I came to Lesvos, because … ‘A feeling of powerlessness overwhelmed me. I am active in a left-wing student group, but because of my study I didn’t have a lot of time to focus on it. Added to this, political work is very frustrating. You put so much effort in it, but you barely see any results. I was at a point that I wanted to work […]

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Faces of One Happy Family

We believe in getting to know each other.
In working together.
In learning from each other.

We think that opening your eyes and hearts is necessary to see the whole beauty of this world.

We know that it’s not always easy, we faced many obstacles and barriers appeared.

But -
taking a moment to understand your vis-à-vis,
accepting a smile
and sending one back
changes the tough reality many have to face.

Send your smile out today (maybe via using your voice at the EU-Elections)!

We send smiles - from all of us to all of you.

#togetherforthebetter #beautifulsmiles #learningfromeachother
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2 days ago


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Beth, Joel, Fifi, Yahya, Nikolas, Giulia and all you beautiful people at OHP - I love you all. Keep up the good work. Happy Ramadan. Insyallah I hope to be in Lesvos again, sometime soon.

Honestly.. I miss it so much !

ربي يسعدكم جميعا


Pandora A Maga Andrea Gorosky

So ✌Nice

Beautifull símiles my friend

Bravo 👏👏👏👏👏

Wow nice👏🙂 Saleh 👍🏼


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*Coordination Team - Workshop*

The past week has been full of learning, listening, sharing, thinking and talking for the coordination team of #OneHappyFamily.

In a 2 days retreat/seminar/workshop and another long afternoon Akis, Fifie, Nicolas, Yahia, Gerasimos, Majd and Julia worked, laughed, cried, learned and discussed together many hours alongside the wonderful, much loved and appreciated Maya Rimer who supported and accompanied the team and the project again and again in the past 2 years.
After sharing everyone's very personal low and high point of the past year we started working on each members role in the organisation, the project and the close team. We talked and shared ideas of improvement especially focused on internal and external communication. We looked into the future of One Happy Family and discussed visions, values and missions. We found ways on how to support each other in more difficult moments but also how to celebrate achievements and joyful happenings.
In the end we closed our workshop in an emotional and interesting call with the board members, where everyone shared a few words, memories, fears, visions and stories.

At this moment OHF would like to thank you, Maya Rimer, for the constant support you show to this organization. Your sessions and workshops bring people, thoughts, ideas, solutions, tears (of joy and pain) together and strengthen them in any possible way.

A big THANK YOU also goes to the entire team on the ground, that kept running during those days and provided a safe and relaxed place to all our daily visitors.

#togetherforthebetter #expectus2win #OHF #Communitycenter #Lesvos
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4 days ago


Comment on Facebook

Wow! Beautiful words. Thank you friends, it was a pleasure, as always.

Thank you very much all on Mitellini Island you are really wonderful

GREAT team <3

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