Migrant Bus – on our way to challenge prejudices against refugees

Two former volunteers of One Happy Family decided to take on a new challenge and created the project Migrant Bus in France. 

The idea of this project is to drive around France and create social bonds between people that would have never met otherwise. We love this idea because it’s similar to what One Happy Family is; people coming together and learning from each other. Having possibilities like this in different countries allows more people to connect. The founders of the project describe their vision:

“When we went back to France we understood that the end of their journey didn’t mean that it was the end of their troubles. Nothing was really done to integrate refugees in France, nor prepare the French people to welcome new populations. We decided to quit our jobs and focus on the deconstruction of prejudices towards the refugee population, in a country where the media spread a large homogeneous miserable, or worse, dangerous image of these populations.”

Thank you Emma & Ludovic for creating this beautiful project!

Support the project here – only one more day to make the project happen!  https://www.kisskissbankbank.com/en/projects/migrantbus