Ready to reopen

The Bazaar and hygiene packs at OHF

We finished the distribution of clothes to single men at OHF this month. In total, we served 1,628 men which was a huge achievement! Again, we thank all our partner organisations who helped with the donations, logistics and distribution.

Our online shop for hygiene products is still going strong! Last month we completed 790 orders. For every order that we completed, we were able to distribute a pair of shoes to the customer. We have set up a Cafe outside, in the space that used to be the Kitchen. When people come to collect their orders, we can offer them a coffee or tea to go. Seeing people order their tea and coffee with a smile on their face, gives us a great feeling and a sense of normality at OHF. We really miss having our visitors! 

The Nest

In order to get things ready for opening again, we’ve done some spring cleaning. Three of our volunteers have given the Nest a thorough clean and tidy up. We can’t wait to see this beautiful space being used again. Have a look at the photos! 

The Camp wifi Project

Our first wifi connection to the Mavrovouni camp is working well! We have been working hard this month to establish a second internet connection to the camp. This internet connection point is based on the roof of the shed in the eco-hub. It travels down around 600m (similar to the first connection point), and this time reaches the quarantine area inside the camp. This area is quite full at the moment, so we are pleased we can keep people connected while isolating. A big thank you to Telecoms Sans Frontieres who helped us establish this link. 

more wifi to the camp

Corona-update and lesson at One Happy Family

This week MVI (Medical Volunteers International) visited us to give a new covid-lesson (head picture)

As the cases continue to rise in Greece we need to keep focused and remind ourselves, that the pandemic is not over yet, even though parts of the society start to open again.

We reflected upon why it’s important to keep following the restrictions carefully, not only for ourselves but also for our friends, One Happy Family, the island we live in, Europe, and the whole world. We discussed how we’re all extra connected during a pandemic, and how our actions affect not only ourselves and family but everyone.

We were all reminded how we can keep preventing the spread, how we can keep One Happy Family as safe as possible, and learned about the role of vaccinations in this process.

Thank you so much for giving the lesson MVI!

For our Partner Organisations
We’ve had lots of donations this month, which we’ve been able to share with our partner organisations. We’ve provided art materials to the organisation “Wave of Hope”, equipment and machines that are needed for the “Makerspace” and the “Ecohub garden”, and medical first aid packs for “Medical Volunteers International”… A big thank you to everyone, that supports our partner organisations and us so continuously!