Meet Ramatulla!

For one and a half years now, Ramatulla from Afghanistan has been part of our family. 
His biggest passion in life is singing and music; you often hear him around the camp humming along to a song. 

Before the lockdown, Ramatulla was teaching singing and piano lessons to around 30 students. Every now and then, they would have concerts and open mic days at our center, which used to be one of our social highlights. Those were the good old days, where we did not have to worry about social distancing. 

Currently Ramatulla is helping out every day wherever he is needed most. OHF is important to Ramatulla, he comes every day to help us repair and rebuild the center. Like all of us, he wants OHF to open again soon so that he can restart music lessons and perform at our open mic concerts. 

Thank you Ramatulla for being a part of our big wonderful family and for the melodies you have brought to us during this time.