“My dream is to use my skills to help others…”

Meet Hussein!

Hussein is from Afghanistan and has worked as a teacher in the CyberCafe with One Happy Family since the fall of 2020. But he has been a teacher and what he himself describes as a “technology fan” most of his life. 

“I spend all my life learning computer science. I love video editing programming and making websites. So when I heard One Happy Family needed a computer teacher, I knew I had to join!”

Hussein taught himself most of what he knows about technology and already 10 years ago Hussein made his own website. It was quite similar to Facebook and had 150.000 users. “I was just a teenager and didn’t know anything about how to make a business. I did it for fun, because I love technology so much, and I learned a lot from trying and trying. There was not anyone I could share my ideas within my small village with the same thoughts, so I built a site, where people could meet online to share interests, find friends and follow ideas.”

Unfortunately, Hussein’s website was blocked in the end, but he keeps on working on new projects in Greece now.  

Now Hussein teaches students twice per week at different levels. He is passionate about helping people learn how to use computers, and software programs like PowerPoint.  But he doesn’t call the people attending his classes his students: “I call everyone my friends.” Hussein explains. 

“When the fire happened in Moria I thought a lot about how I could help people. It was difficult because not everyone was available at the same time to take classes. So I started organizing online teaching with videos on Youtube. I didn’t have a laptop so I did all the editing on my phone in the beginning. You can also hear a lot of sounds in the background because I didn’t have a quiet place to make recordings. But now 3000 people have watched my first video about teaching Greek online.”

“My dream is to use my skills to help others to have a good connection together through the use of technology. Everyone is together in the world. Therefore, I’m now making videos about culture, skills, and food from different people, to share my message about all of us being the same and together here.” 

You can find Hussein’s online teaching in Greek and Computer lessons (taught in Farsi) “We Keep Trying” on Youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/wekeeptrying

Stay tuned on our Social Media as we will share more of Hussein’s upcoming project with culture, skills, and videos soon.

Thank you for sharing your story, skills, and passion for computer science with us!