Putting a smile on everyones face: Falak

Meet Falak.

Falak is working in the Café at One Happy Family. She is serving tea, coffee, hot chocolate, water, and biscuits to all visitors and volunteers. She has now been working with One Happy Family for more than a year.

Falak, who is from Syria, prefers to get just one teaspoon of sugar in her coffee, but says: “Most people ask for more”. She explains: “I always ask the visitors exactly how they want their coffee or tea. When they are happy, I become happy too. And when someone doesn’t want any sugar at all, I get a little surprised – because most people like it when their coffee and tea are sweet.” 

When Falak is not helping all of us to get the drink we want, she enjoys reading, organizing her home, and practicing speaking English. She uses YouTube videos of teachers teaching from Arabic to English and dreams about one day herself being able to help people in need even more than what she is doing now.

“I’m proud to be a volunteer in OHF so I can help people. I’m happy about providing smiles and teas for everyone and together with the rest of the people working here, we work as one big team making all of OHF work well.”

Thank you so much for putting a smile on our faces every day!