Meet Baddy

A dog is believed to be ‘Man’s best friend’. Baddy is everyone’s best friend at OHF!!

Every day Baddy provides lots of laughter and joy to both visitors and volunteers – adults and children.

“Baddy is not just a part of the family – Baddy is the heart of the family. She was born to be here with us – this is her natural habitat” says Zeynep with a big smile. “The best is when she thinks we’re all clapping at her when we’re clapping and celebrating someone else”.

Baddy has somehow been a part of OHF her whole life: She was found alone as a puppy inside OHF and is now living with our long-term volunteer India.

We love Baddy for not being afraid of being the center of attention, always asking everyone to share food, and always up for playing. She also reminds us to rest in the heat – as you will find her resting in the shade most of these hot summer days.

“I like her for being messy and always chewing on toys, shoes, and people’s legs”, Paolo says. Aref also likes Baddy a lot: “In the morning she is especially energetic and runs everywhere, she gives everyone else a lot of energy too. She always looks at me with her nice eyes at breakfast time. When I have food to give her, I become extra happy”

During the reconstruction of OHF, Baddy was bringing different shoes from an unknown storage every day. Until now it remains a mystery where she got the shoes from and if she still has a stash of lonely shoes somewhere at OHF. 

And we still love you Baddy, even though you steal toys and bark when we try to take a cute photo of you.