“OHF … a very magical place…”

Rahman is our all-around man at One Happy Family. He helps with everything from registration of our visitors, preparing lunch, and taking part in distributions. He joined the family last year by teaching in the gym at OHF when it was still open. “I hope the gym will open soon because I really want to help people to look and feel good,” Rahman says. 

“I actually hope everything will open soon – when I visited OHF before I started volunteering, I loved playing volleyball, seeing the long, long line of excited people to get good food, and all of the other things happening here. It was a very magical place and I hope it will soon be possible again”.

Rahman, who has been on Lesvos for 4 years already, says it can be difficult to keep personal hopes up all the time: “I got my first asylum case rejected, but I refuse to lose hope. There are many problems here, and I have experienced many difficulties, but it doesn’t help to not smile”. 

“It is easy to feel alone on this island, but if I have this feeling, I try to talk and joke with the other volunteers at OHF, practice English or go for long walks. It all helps me to think of something else and to feel less lonely”.

Something else that also makes Rahman happy and proud is thinking of his nephews and nieces in Norway, where his sister is living now. 

Rahman we are so happy and proud to have you as part of the family!