Take action!

One Happy Family has always been able to continue its activities thanks to all of you! You were making all of this possible by supporting us with your thoughts and following our activities, but also by donating. 

After this chaotic year that we all experienced, the Community Centre is finally back to being its vibrant self, while providing a safe, pleasant and joyful environment for the people. This week we had for the first time – still respecting the necessary measures regarding covid-19 – 333 visitors during a day. 

This means that not only the running costs have to be covered, but as the number of people vising again increases so will the costs of running the projects, for example buying more supplies for the café.

We thank you though for all the support you have given already to One Happy Family and want to ask you kindly to consider donating again. You can find all the information on how you can donate on our website: https://ohf-lesvos.org/en/donate/