A big thank you and goodbye to our years-long board member Tamara

In the annual meeting of the Swiss Board, Nicolas decided to focus on his work in the coordination team and to withdraw from the Board for the time being. This is totally understandable and simply means to us that he is still there – how lucky we are! Thank you Nico for all you do! Here’s to more moments together and lots of energy for you!

Tamara decided as well to take on new paths and so we want to take this moment to thank her and introduce her to you a bit more. Since the beginning she was part of the team – and will be forever in our hearts! She started in the very early beginnings at OHF, when the project was not even named. Cooking, running around, supporting everyone all the time – Tamara was all in from the beginning. Her brilliant mind kept an overview and this ability made her perfect for the tasks she took over. 

After spending time on Lesvos, she was one of the founding members of the association One Happy Family in Switzerland and since then – 2017 – she has been a very active part of the board, responsible for the difficult and challenging part of the finances and also joined in as volunteer coordinator as it was needed. Even within the craziness of handling things between Greece and Switzerland – Tamara kept an overview! Always with thoughts and big heart for everyone involved. Tamara put herself after the needs of everyone else, so we are happy that is taking the next step for herself and decided to continue her studies and become a social worker – a perfect job for her. All jobs where people are involved need a Tamara! 🙂 

Tamara, you are one of a kind and we will miss you deeply! Nevertheless, we are all so thankful to know you and thankful for all that you have done for the whole project, for each single person and for all of us. 

See you soon, somewhere and good luck with all the new paths ahead!