Coming back every year

Meet Romy!

Romy is our lovely volunteer from Switzerland. She has been coming back to One Happy Family every year since we opened our gates, which we are incredibly thankful for since she is a ray of sunshine, making OHF a happier place for both our visitors and volunteers. 

Her favourite things to do here at OHF is the cafe and art table. Romy said that “in the cafe, you are always busy making people happy with coffee, hot chocolate and orange juice.” 

Fifie, one of our coordinators, who has been working with Romy since the beginning, said “Romy is an amazing volunteer who always comes back, she is full of energy. Her favourite task has always been and still is, to work in the cafe, where she does an amazing job, always with a smile on her face and always making sure everything is clean and shining haha.” 

We asked Romy what she likes the most about the community centre. She said “I love the big family. I am always happy to see so many young volunteers coming to OHF. I think it’s amazing that so many are coming and staying here. It’s really nice to see that the place is changing and that people are using their creativity to improve the place, making it better. Every year when I come back something new has been built. It really is a happy place.” 

Romy said that “I’m happy to come and stay here every year” – AND SO ARE WE! Thank you for all the amazing work you are doing and for all the joy you are spreading.