Goodbye to our technology extraordinaire and teacher

Meet Hosain!

This month we said another special goodbye to one of our incredible volunteers, Hosain. 

Hosain has been with us for more than a year. During his time here he spread happiness and joy to all of our visitors and volunteers. 

Hosain is our technology extraordinaire. He ran computer classes for our volunteers and visitors teaching them essential microsoft office and computer skills. These skills are vital as it allows individuals to be independently resourceful. All of his students loved him as a teacher as he put his heart and soul into his lessons. 

His students said “He was the best teacher. He taught me a lot of things about the computer, for example excel, powerpoint and word. All the basic things and he was going to teach me photoshop too but unfortunately we ran out of time. He is a very likeable man. I will miss him and wish him all the best.” 

When Hosain was not teaching he did an amazing job running our popular Open Stage. The inclusiveness Hosain brought to the event made the Open Stage the success it is today. He made everyone feel welcome and took time to get to know each and everyone that wanted to participate. 

We wish you all the best. You will forever be in our OHF hearts and you will be greatly missed. But luckily we won’t lose you completely. 

We will stay in touch, because Hosain will continue to create his online educational videos for refugees and we will support him, for example with a camera, with software, webspace or other things he will need to realise his projects. We are looking forward to what you will realise next.