Help us to cover 4 invisible costs

Donate for our 4 invisible costs and become a hero of the admin of One Happy Family.Administration.

What an unpopular word, what an unpopular task.We prefer to sweep the admin under the carpet, postpone it until later, ignore it and above all we don’t like to spend money on it.Unfortunately, nothing is possible without admin and it is part of every project and if done well, it can make a lot of things easier.

Today we would like to take a look at the admin work in One Happy Family, which is often done by our team in the evening, at the weekend or sometimes until late at night.There is an enormous list of administrative tasks that have to be done to manage the Community Centre in a structured and professional way. From the preparation of training plans, cleaning plans, registration of visitors and students to daily bookkeeping, preparation of work contracts, documentation for donors and registration of the NGO in Greece, there is something for every team member.Most of the tasks are done by the board, the coordination team and volunteers, but there are some things that cannot be done without money and the team on the ground must also be able to cover their living expenses.

For these few costs we need your support!It is extremely important to us to be transparent and to use the donations of our supporters according to their wishes. In order to ensure that the general donations go mainly to the projects and the centre itself, we call on you to support our 4 biggest “invisible” costs!

Donate specifically for our 4 invisible costs: accounting, registration, team support and registration tools here Use the code #ADMIN or #TEAM as payment purpose and receive personal greetings from the admin office on Lesbos!

Bureaucratic greetings!