Julia Bürge

Coordination, Social Media, Public Relations, support Shift and Volunteer Coordination, support Case Work

Date de naissance: 30.12.1994
Nationalité: Swiss
Profession: Artist
Travaille à OHF depuis: 2017

I met the One Happy/crazy/tired/funny/hard-working/amazing Family in June 2017 for the first time. I was a regular short-term volunteer, but realised then that if I really wanted to support the place I had to stay long-term. Quick thought, fast action, one way ticket booked and here I am, volunteering at OHF since October 2017. I am happy, exhausted, satisfied, tired, learning new things, facing new difficulties every day.

Before I came to OHF I travelled and worked in countries where people fled from to reach Europe. That provoked the need in me and gave me the background to come and volunteer in Greece. I want to give people a hand when they reach Europe, the same way they all gave me a hand when I travelled to their countries and I was lost, a little scared, disoriented and without money in Iran, Kurdistan, Morocco, Lebanon, Egypt, Senegal and other countries. I want to give back what I warmly received in other people’s homes far away from here.

Being at OHF still feels a little bit like travelling. I get to know different cultures, learn different dances, taste different food, learn new languages, meet new people from different origins and make new friendships.
What keeps me here is the team spirit, the smiles, the laughters, the solidarity and acceptance of each other, the fight for humanity and for better days.