The way through the lockdown and the labyrinth

Despite the lockdown, the OHF team on Lesvos stayed busy with office work and coordination of in kind donations from supporters during December. At the community centre, Doctors on the ground work tirelessly receiving patients and providing psychological support to children and adults. In the main hall, we had a big distribution of donations – for individuals but also for organisations. Now the main hall is almost empty again but we kept a neat mini bazar for the patients of our partner organisation Medical Volunteers International to choose warm clothing. Moreover, there is great progress on the construction work for winterization. The new classrooms for the children have been built between the containers which are painted with the message of “love” in all languages and a world map – a great way of giving everyone a warm welcome. 

The whole team of OHF on the ground also painted a labyrinth – a tree with apples and lemons – for the children to play in the outside area.