Thank you for working with us!

Thank you for working together with us!

There have been incredible challenges in 2020 and we would like to say a huge thank you to everyone that has been involved with the project this year. Our incredible team on the ground, all our community volunteers and international volunteers around the world, and our board members. 

A huge thank you also to every one of you who supported OHF financially and advocated for working, living and laughing together. 

OHF wouldn’t exist without all of you, people who believe in coming together, learning from each other. Even though the Community Centre is not what it used to be after this year 2020, it is still a place that gives hope! 

Remind yourself of the OHF spirit with our video from 2019: 



We want to share with you as well some of our photos of our year.

We are wishing everyone a positive, happy and healthy 2021. We cannot wait to tackle next year’s challenges, hopefully to achieve success in the direction of a more humane migration policy. Everyone should be treated with dignity-  then we can celebrate next year’s successes with you!