The different floors at the Victoria Communty Center

Today we would like to give you an overview of what is happening at the Victoria Community Center and who all these partners are.

Exactly one and a half years ago, we opened the Community Center together with the organisation ‘A Drop in the Ocean’. Since then it has become a well known place, not only popular with visitors but also with organisations. We have managed to create a place where different organisations, from small to large, work together and create a place where people can come together. Since the space in our house is limited, there is always more demand for space than what we have available. At the moment, however, the offer in the center looks as follows: Our community center has a basement including a backyard, a ground floor, 1st and 2nd floor and a rooftop.

On the rooftop we have a ping-pong table, a garden, benches and a bar for various activities and events.
On the 2nd floor we have support services such as Mental health and psycho-social support by the International Rescue Commitee, information and support to access to medical, social and public services by Lighthouse Relief, consultation and more by Meaalofa Foundation, legal services by European lawyers in Lesvos, doctors for adults by Doctors Without Borders and the One Happy Family office.

The first floor is all about education and career support. There are English, Greek and computer classes as well as employability support, run by A Drop in the Ocean.

On the ground floor is the women’s and kids space with a variety of activities and support by Glocal Roots, a kids doctor by Sams and the welcome desk to the community center.

In the basement it’s all about community building, engagement, spaces open to everyone and social interaction. There is a community café, a backyard, a small library, games, art activities, dance classes, fresh juice, café and tea and lunch distribution, run by OHF. Additionally, Diotima Centre serves a focal point for gender based violence in the communal areas.