Small words make a big change

Today we want to share – along with the picture – some words from Estelle Jean, co-founder of one of our dear partner organisations:  

“In 2017 I started Yoga and Sport FOR Refugees with Dana and Kamara. Practicing sports together with one goal: making people happy and strong, because in these difficult circumstances practicing sports is key to keeping healthy and creating a sense of purpose. Over the past four years the organisation has grown to where we are today with a unique vision: our community is the heart and soul of the project. The refugee community not only participates, they are the trainers, coaches and coordinators. That’s why we decided to change our name to Yoga & Sport WITH Refugees. We want to keep empowering our teachers, coordinators and the rest of our community. The notion behind our name change is the reason we ask for your continued support”.  

Moussa Amiri, in the team since November 2019, and one of our most dedicated runners, says:

“In our teams we don’t care where anyone comes from. We train all together. Other people can say what they want, but our team is a family, and that makes us very happy.”

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(Group picture from summer 2019)