The new multi-talent in our security team

Meet Mahdi!

Mahdi works as a member of the security team here at OHF and has been with us for just over a month. A regular attender of OHF when based on Lesvos, Mahdi decided to work with us when he came to Athens, and can usually be found greeting visitors at the Welcome Desk with his big smile. 
As well as playing a big part in our team, Mahdi is also a Yoga teacher, an artist and a photographer!
Abbas, another member of our security team, says: ‘we became friends on Lesvos, he’s a very kind and smart person and a valuable part of our team.’
Fariba, in the cafe, reiterated Abbas’ words; ‘Although Mahdi is a quiet person, he’s very kind and patient and a great team worker’
Thank you for everything you do Mahdi! We’re glad to have you as part of our family.