Creating art with a smile

Meet Emma!

Emma, an art therapist and textile designer from Scotland, volunteered with us in the summer. With her calm, friendly, helpful presence; open mind and big heart, she worked at the Café and re-started the art table, where she facilitated kids and adults alike to express themselves through arts and crafts.
Fariba, who worked very closely with her, says: “She is a calm and kind girl who always has a smile on her face and always pays attention to all people to help them with love.”
Emma says of her experience at OHF: “I hope the art in the centre will continue, it was such an amazing way of connecting everyone and my favourite moments were when everyone was silently drawing together – I will never forget it!”
Emma was only with us for one month, but she left her mark both in our hearts and on the walls of our Café!
Thanks for all the colour and joy you brought to our people and our space, Emma! Hoping to see you again!