A spanish ping-pong and covid-testing expert

Meet Gustavo!

Gustavo is our fantastic and funny volunteer from Spain, who has been with us at OHF for 3 months now. Here, people call him Moustafa, because it is a Farsi name. 

Before volunteering, Gustavo was a visitor at OHF, and since those days, one of his favourite things to do at OHF is to play ping-pong with everybody. 

Nowadays Gustavo is working at the Online Shop and the Cafe, his favourite places. He likes the Online Shop because there are always things to do, and he can’t stand still. And the Cafe because he loves to stay in contact with all the visitors and talk with them, while drinking our tasty orange juice.  He is also our go to person for COVID testing, as he is now an expert at it! 

Muhammed, one of our volunteers, says, “Gustavo is very friendly with all the members of the community and I want to thank him for all the moments I have enjoyed with him.” 

Gustavo says, “One Happy Family is a meeting point of visitors, different organisations and volunteers. I think that the work being done is absolutely necessary for the people to be able to stay in a safe and fun place to spend the day.” 

Thank you Gustavo for all the good energy you bring to OHF and all your hard work!