Free online shop for hygiene items

Our team on the ground has struggled with not being able to properly fulfill the needs of the people in the camp or physically reach them during lockdown.

This is why they created an online shop for hygiene items, with the support of the big warehouse Attika Human support. The online shop is currently in a test-phase and it works like this:

A link directs to an straightforward online shop with hygiene items such as washing powder, soap, face clothes, panty liners and sanitary pads, razors, shampoo, deodorants, etc. Residents of the camp can choose their needed items, and register with the police number on their “Ausweis” and their phone number. We will then pack the parcel and the “shopper” will get a message stating when they can pick up their items. This time frame will be within the time they can leave the camp; the time frame is connected to the police number and changes weekly.  We hope that this online shop will be a big success and can help improve the situation of people a little bit.