Thank you Giulia!

This month we would like you to meet Giulia. Giulia came to Lesvos for the first time in 2018, and came back several times since. On site she worked with OHF, and supported as well Medical Volunteers International as a professional nurse. 

Her positive, heart-warming, very pragmatic, easygoing and always active attitude is a very big plus. Whether while helping in the kitchen, as a driver (to drive around people or pallets), or as an all-rounder everywhere, her smile and her way of working with other human fellows was appreciated by everyone. 

The first time she went back to Germany from Lesvos she wanted to spread the word about the inhumane conditions in the island, as well as support One Happy Family. She then heard from other former volunteers who wanted to create a German association to support the work of One Happy Family. She was one of the driving forces behind the German support association becoming a reality. She is an active member of it, and works closely with the Swiss association. 

Giulia has now decided to step down from the board of the association, and other former OHF volunteers living in Germany have gladly decided to take over her work. We are very happy to have motivated people to participate in the German support association; they do an incredible job informing people and groups about the situation in the island, being a point of contact for people who want to know more, and connecting former volunteers.

It is possible and will still be to donate to the German Support Association ( and receive a donation receipt for the tax declaration in Germany. 

Thank you, Giulia – not only for all the energy you’ve always put into your OHF-related work, but also for your positive attitude, support, courage to speak up and for your friendship!