Financial and political support

Support the free shop
If you can donate 24 Euros, we can support 50 people with salt.
With a 44 Euros donation, we can provide toothbrushes to 50 people.
With only 52 Euros, we can put sugar packages in 50 food bags.
Your 60 Euros donation supports 50 people with a bag of rice.
An 80 Euros donation can provide condoms for 50 people, while an 86 Euros donation can provide soap bars to 50 people.
And if you can donate 100 Euros, we can support 50 people with sunflower oil!
With 2,360 Euros it is possible to provide all 800 visitors with a full hygiene bag.
An additional 5,616 Euros would add a dry food bag for all 800 visitors.
And lastly, to run the shop entirely we need a total of 12,260 Euros per month. This includes the team expenses, online shop services, Internet expenses, transportation, hygiene bags and dry food bags for 1,600 people monthly!

Every donation counts, starting from 24 Euros you can make a difference and support people who are still trapped on Lesvos!

Thank you for your continuous support to keep this project running, and to make it possible to open the new Community Centre Victoria in Athens!

Donations are possible via our website:, or directly to our Swiss account: 

Bank BEKB | BCBE, Bundesplatz 8, 3011 Bern, Switzerland, BC/Clearing number: 790, BIC/SWIFT number: KBBECH22 

IBAN, For CHF: CH23 0079 0016 9736 1524 7, For EUR:  CH36 0079 0016 9737 1172 2

Recipient One Happy Family, CH-3400 Burgdorf

A big thank you from all of us!

Frontex Referendum in Switzerland
On the 15th of May Switzerland will hold a referendum on how much it should pay to keep Frontex, the border guard in the Mediterranean Sea, running. In the past, Frontex was allegedly involved in illegal push backs and underwent an internal assessment. Inform yourself ahead of this important date, in which you can co-decide how Switzerland will contribute to such institutions, and inform your friends and family too.