Stand with Ukraine

People should never have to flee! Not anywhere in the world, not in Europe!
We absolutely condemn this new war in Ukraine and we fully stand by all those affected!
Peace and freedom are human rights, which most people in Europe were able to enjoy for decades.
We have to continue to uphold this by all means and raise our voices to demonstrate that we do not accept violence and war under any circumstances and in any place!
Take part in demonstrations, network, put pressure on the governments to stop abusing their power, to stop act unscrupulously to gain victory over others by any means, to open borders, to accept refugees and support the many people who are displaced every day from many countries and now also from Ukraine.
The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is providing much needed humanitarian assistance on the ground in the form of food, fuel for heating, medical supplies and shelter for people on both sides of the border. 
The ICRC points out that the current sub-zero temperatures have made the situation even more unbearable for many families.
Support the ICRC with a donation: