The Greek all-rounder in the family

Meet Fotini! 

Our Greek teacher, our allrounder, coordinator of Sporos garden project at OHF, and as one of our community volunteers says, “one of the pillars of OHF”!

Fotini, from Athens, has been with us for two years now. She met with OHF as she was continuing her university studies on the island. She started as a regular volunteer, showing up and helping wherever she was needed. When we started our online Greek language program for our community volunteers during the first lockdown, she volunteered to teach them, and she still continues to do so. According to one of her most dedicated students, Ernest, Fotini is “100% a good teacher, a friendly and very kind person, she is amazing!”

Fotini says: “First time I went to OHF was as a visitor, but the place is so great and alive and colorful that I wanted to be a part of it, so I started volunteering. Even though I had no previous experience that was not a problem. Two years now and the family of OHF became my family. OHF trusted and gave so many opportunities to me and others to grow and become only better in everything we do. About the tasks I have no preference since even the worst task can be fun with good company. From containers and counting, to teaching and now the garden everything has been an amazing trip with amazing people by my side.”

Amin, who is our Cafe responsible, and one of Fotini’s students, says: “She is a good and kind-hearted girl and she is a very, very good Greek teacher. Very special to all those who respect her, she is one of the pillars of OHF.” We couldn’t agree more! Thank you Fotini for your kindness, positive attitude, flexibility, dedication and hard-work! We are very lucky to have you with us!