The OHF Table Tennis Tradition

And it goes on. Table tennis is being played in Athens again.
Endless hours of table tennis and table tennis tournaments were played on Lesvos. And despite the limited space in Athens, we have also found space for our table tennis table here and can continue this tradition. And there are even the same duels being held, for example given by our coordinator Akis and Douglas, co-founder of Refocus. Sonia, also co-founder of Refocus, commented on this duel as follows: “Some traditions had to be moved from Lesvos to Athens.”
From time to time or on special occasions, the table tennis table is now set up in our small backyard, and of course it always immediately becomes a popular meeting place. Balls fly over the net and people fight to win, and with the hot Greek temperatures, a bead of sweat can run down your face. And as always, there are many happy and smiling faces.
We look forward to many more hours of hearing the sound of “ping-pong” in the background.