Games on wheels

Volunteers spoke of many people crowding around to watch people play a board game, and Gabriella wanted to find a way to help spread this little joy. With a team of interested volunteers, she formulated a plan to build a trailer, to be pulled by bicycle and filled with games for people to loan and play. 

With the help of Marie from @lowtechwithrefugees and our volunteer Max, this amazing games trailer was built! Many ‘artists’ then contributed to its Michelangelo-esqe decoration! And after a LOT of hard work by our team, the project is finally in play!

Anyone who can provide a few details (no matter how young or old) is able to hire up to two games for a whole week. From Chess to Guess Who, Rubix Cubes, to good old playing cards and dice, any two games can be borrowed from “Games on Wheels”. 

The mobile trailer was intended for use in the camp, but due to current bureaucracy this is not possible. However, its present home in One Happy Family is working very well for now and every day since we started a few weeks ago, the participants in MVI’s psychosocial program, volunteers from OHF and those from our Partners have been borrowing, playing, returning and swapping games. As of now, EVERY SINGLE GAME HAS BEEN RETURNED ON TIME!

When asked how he enjoyed the games, a father laughed explaining that he barely had a chance to play because his children monopolised them both!!! Although it is amidst the dire situation that encompasses migrants in Lesvos and Europe, we hope that this project puts a smile on your face!

The one thing WE NEED now, is VOLUNTEERS, to help run this project and many others at OHF! All we ask is that you are currently on Lesvos and that you are open minded, flexible and humble. Whether you have a lot of time or just a little, we would be very happy to hear from you- through the volunteer form on our website