Welcome back, Hadi!

Meet Hadi!

Hadi started as a community volunteer a couple of weeks ago and has already had such a huge impact on both the OHF team and our beneficiaries. Originally working as a volunteer teacher at the International School of Peace at OHF on Lesvos, Hadi is now helping specifically with community outreach and involvement here in Athens!

But Hadi’s impact doesn’t stop there, if not assisting at the info point and directing visitors to necessary services, Hadi can be found in the cafe leading fun activities, or in the backyard facilitating the Chat Club, which they started with our volunteer Sarah!

‘I had a break from volunteering after leaving Lesvos, but I came back to OHF so that I could share my knowledge and experience with new arrivals in Athens and help them.’

‘Living as a refugee in Greece is difficult, you always feel like a stranger… I believe OHF is trying to make a “friendly city” and a safe space for people in a new environment.’

‘I want to listen to them, even if it’s about something out of our hands, I know that most refugees just want someone to listen to them, respect them.’

‘I hope OHF and other organisations can be places that champion the refugees’ voice, and provide an accepting resting point for people who have been rejected from many other parts of society.’