We fell in love with the project

Meet Arturo and June

Our new amazing social media guys from Italy and Spain have been here with us since October.

Arturo is a very smiling and charismatic guy. He is very creative and always shows it by coming up with new ideas for the community. Arturo likes to be at the registration or at security to be in contact with all the people who come to the community center.

June is a girl with whom you always feel fantastic because of her ability to make you laugh and enjoy yourself. Her favourite place in OHF is the Women’s Space because it’s a wonderful place to talk with all the women over a cup of tea. 

We asked Arturo and June why they came: “We wanted to come to Lesvos to see the situation first hand and to join this great community in order to help as much as possible.” 

They told us about One Happy Family: “We fell in love with this incredible project and the work that we do here. We are a big family, where companionship and daily laughter stand out.”