The all-around handywoman

Meet Lisa!

Lisa, our wonderful volunteer from Germany, has been with OHF for six months now. She is our all-around handywoman and really makes the community centre shine and sparkle with her magic touch.

Lisa loves to paint and be creative. One of her happiest memories at OHF was when she was painting the online shop container, because she could do it all day and be creative.

We asked her why she chose to come to OHF: “I did research on the different organisations, and thought what OHF is doing is great, I love the community centre. When I found it I was really enthusiastic, I started to cry!”

A fun fact about Lisa: One day Lisa was cleaning the info point, she found a description from one of our English lessons that someone wrote about somebody. It said that “I like her because she is messy and has a lot of energy in the morning” – Lisa thought at first that it was about her, but it was actually about OHF’s energetic cute puppy Baddy!

Lisa told us about her future hopes and dreams: “The situation on the island is changing, I want to be able to adapt and to find a place where I can be the most useful for the people on the island at the moment”.

Lisa’s favourite thing to do at OHF is taking care of the place making it look nice – which you do, Lisa – amazing work!!