Once OHF, always OHF

Meet Abbas!

Even though OHF in Athens is now smaller, we still need important team members to make our community center a safe and beautiful place. One of them is Abbas. He is our new member of the security team. But actually, he has been part of the One Happy Family for several years. In Lesvos he was a very regular visitor, spending most of his days there, participating in classes and being a good friend of the security team. It was also at this time that he became the first community volunteer for yoga and sport with refugees. After coming to Athens, he continued to support them, but now it was time for a change and a new position with new challenges, so he decided to become part of our security team.
We think he is the perfect person for this position. He likes to meet new people and talk to them because it gives him a good feeling. When working at the reception, he is always friendly, welcomes visitors and is ready to help. This is also confirmed by our head of security Ernest: “Abbas is a good guy. We have been working together for two weeks now and he has always been on time, always active, reliable and takes responsibility. I am very happy to have him as a team member.”
Sometimes Abbas misses the old OHF on Lesvos, the open space with the garden, the trees and places to relax. Because here everything is now in a smaller building, with new partner organisations, in a big city and it has only a small backyard. But the most positive thing here, in his opinion, is still the people you meet. And of course, the courses and activities that are offered, the café, the books and the learning opportunities. He says: “It makes you feel good in this house, it’s a quiet place, but also a happy place when music is playing.”
Thank you very much for your support, Abbas!