OHF is “a place to breath”

Mirto is one of our all-around volunteers. She, as well as other general volunteers, decides in our daily morning meeting which role and tasks are hers for the day. This means she gets to do a lot of different things at OHF. 

“The Online Shop is my absolute favorite job because you get to speak to so many different people in a day. The task I like the least must be cleaning the toilets”.  

Mirto is Greek and was actually born and raised in Lesvos. “I was living and studying in Athens at the time my home island suddenly became the center of attention in 2015, with the high number of arrivals at Lesvos”. Now she finally has the time to come back and she decided to help out at OHF. She has already been with us for 2 months, but so far, she does not plan on leaving anytime soon. 

“I really like being here. We provide a place for people outside that miserable camp – a place where we are all the same. A place to breathe,” she says. “And what I like the most of all, is that the team here is really like a family”. 

When asked to describe Mirto, Abbas says “She is the best, because she is both kind and so funny. We have a lot of fun in the Online Shop. We like the same music, so we dance and joke around when we are waiting for the next customer. This is why I’m so happy working with her – it is never boring”.

Thank you for joining the family and bringing more fun, local stories, and energy to OHF. We love having you as a part of our family.