OHF: a place for lessons, homework and coffee

​​Meet the family: Najibula

Najibula is one of our regular visitors in the Victoria community center, ever since Drop in the Ocean started offering their education programmes to the community here in Athens. He is a dedicated student who attends English lessons with them. He is from Afghanistan and has been in Greece with his family for more than 3 years.

Najibula says “I like this place, it is good because I study English with my teacher Cynthia. Before it was opened, I was studying with Cynthia in another place and I followed her when she moved here because she teaches me well. I am happy because I can now speak and write English. After I finish my lesson I come down to this coffee area and I do my homework. I sit here and go home to my wife and kids after. I live 10 minutes from here and I can walk everyday to do my English lesson. Now I have also started computer lessons. The people who work here are friendly. I will come with my family after Ramadan to drink tea and juice.”
OHF and partners try their best to support the community here in Athens by providing different activities. Please kindly donate towards the running costs of the building in order to keep the community centre functional for the benefit of people like Najibula and many more who value the space and make use of it.