The always active yet quiet author

Meet the Family: Helge

Educator, psychologist, published author, co-founder of a museum, dance enthusiast… Helge has so many hats; but today we will focus on her as a beloved, long-term OHF volunteer.

Helge first came to OHF in 2019 and stayed for 10 months. Sitting at one corner in the busy main hall, she started crocheting. One woman joined, then another… Soon enough Helge’s “Crocheting Circle” was occupying almost two long tables, with women, men and children, crocheting with colourful wools, some silently, some while chatting with her and each other.

Helge was with us and the people stuck on Lesvos throughout quite challenging times, not only supporting OHF but also several other organisations and individuals, while also continuing her Greek language and dance classes, going for long walks, watching the ships at the harbour in the early morning hours, and writing her book, “Denk ich an Moria” (“Thinking of Moria” – available only in German so far), where she tells her experiences on the island.

One of our other long-term volunteers, Daniel says of her: “Helge’s calm way of being and observing situations brings some tranquillity to the people around her. She wrote an interesting book about Moria and Lesvos. The book provides an intimate insight into the perspective and the emotions of a volunteer and gives an overview of all different groups (NGOs, refugees, volunteers and local people) living together on Lesvos. The only problem is: Until now it is only published in German. For us Helge became an important part of the soul of OHF.”

When Helge heard that OHF was relocating, she decided to come back to bid her farewell, and to support us during that difficult process. She was also one of our first visitors at our new community centre in Athens. And just like the almond tree she planted on OHF ground on Lesvos after the fire, the olive tree she brought to our new place in Athens will keep reminding us how lucky we are to have her by our side, even though she is back home now.

Thank you dear Helge, for everything! We already miss you and hope to see you soon!