Goodbye Nicolas!

As announced, there is another coordination team member we have to say goodbye to: Nicolas! Nicolas joined our project in Lesvos in 2017 and co-founded the Swiss organisation One Happy Family. After being a board member in Switzerland, he joined the Lesvos coordination team. He was responsible for working with our partner organisations, donors on the ground, other organisations on the island as well as the authorities and knew or worked out an idea and solution to any problem in the IT area. Now after showing a lot of dedication in the move to Athens, decided to leave the organisation after so many years and take some time out to take on new challenges later. However, he will still continue supporting OHF on volunteer basis, especially in IT area.

It is hard to put into words how much you have contributed to the success of the OHF project, Nicolas. Nevertheless, we would like to take this opportunity here today to express our infinite gratitude for all your time and energy over the past years, with which you too have made OHF what it has been over all this time and what it is now.

We wish you only the best in everything that comes now!!