Generations of Head of Security at OHF

But what does the security actually do? Is it only about looking like big policemen walking around speaking a secret language on a walkie-talkie? No – it is much different.

The security team is the Welcome Committee of OHF. Ernest, our current Head of Security (read more about him in the Meet the Family part) explains: “It is all about making everyone feel welcomed and safe. We welcome everyone no matter how they look or where they are from”. 

“We also direct people to where they want to go and inform a team member on our walkie-talkies, that someone is on their way. We also make sure that no children enter OHF alone, but are accompanied by an adult”

The picture is current and previous Head of Security. From left to right: Didar from Afghanistan, Ernest from Burundi, Alem from Afghanistan, and Akis from Greece. 

Thank you so much for your help and dedication to make OHF a place for everyone to feel safe and good!