Coming back to the homeland

Meet Chrysa! After some years abroad, Chrysa decided to come back to Greece, her homeland, and work/volunteer at One Happy Family. Chrysa started volunteering with us in November 2020, as she wants to help out in any way she can during this crisis. 

Currently, Chrysa is working on the online shop, helping the logistics team and making sure that people get the hygiene products they’ve ordered. Chrysa is excited to start teaching both Greek and English classes when restrictions ease.

“I feel like the community here grows and grows, which is lovely. I am very happy to be part of it”.
Like the rest of us, Chrysa is looking forward to the Community Centre opening up, so that we can start providing activities and a safe space for our visitors again. However, she is also happy that we are able to offer services through the online shop. 
“I’m excited about the online shop, as we are working hard to help as many people as possible. I also cannot wait to start teaching English and Greek. Languages are one of the most important skills our visitors will need when moving forward in their new life”. 

Thank you, Chrysa, for taking the time and energy to help us out in times of need; we look forward to growing with you!