Visitor Policy

One Happy Family is a community center in Athens, supporting and working with the refugee population in the city. We are an open space, where everyone is welcome, but we also want our visitors from the community to feel secure and protected. It is important to understand that we are not a touristic site. That is why we ask volunteers, other organisations, media representatives or researchers to make an appointment before visiting the space, also to assure that a team member has time to give a tour and answer questions.


We are able to welcome visitors during our official opening times. Please make an appointment at least 2 days before your arrival by emailing us on In this way, we can not only organize our schedule but also keep you updated in case One Happy Family has to close out of situational reasons.

Please let us know the reason of your visit (e.g. interest in the space, interested in volunteering, research, media coverage) and with how many people you are going to come.


Please keep in mind that we work in a multicultural environment. We kindly ask you to consider this and dress appropriately.

General rules

Please inform our security at the main entrance/welcome desk about your arrival. He or she will inform us so we can pick you up. Before your departure, please report to the office that you are leaving.

A One Happy Family team member will show you around the place.

It is totally okay to take pictures of the space and projects but it is not allowed to take pictures of children! We also ask you to only take pictures of adults with their explicit written and signed consent.

Distribution of items

We kindly ask you to not to distribute any items, books, leaflets, toys or other things without speaking to us first.

Media Representatives

The above visitor policy also applies for media representatives. In order to ensure our visitors’ safety, we kindly request to also follow our media policy below.

In order to inform our visitors as well as the team members, it would be great if you could email us ( the details of your coverage and the usage of your material (e.g. broadcasting, print and/or online publication).

If you are interested in conducting interviews, please let us know with whom you would like to talk so we have time to arrange it beforehand. Conducting inverviews with our community volunteers and visitors is generally not possible, but one of our media representatives might be available for an interview.

It is not allowed to take pictures of children. Pictures of adults can only be taken with their explicit written and signed consent. Therefore please bring consent forms  with you.

One Happy Family reserves the right to stop works if our beneficiaries and/or staff members ask it or report any discrepancy in your reporting.

Research requests

The above visitor policy also applies for research requests. If you are conducting research and are interested in visiting the community center please send an email with the following information to

  • the topic, frame and purpose of your research (e.g. academic research, research for NGO)
  • the questionnaire (if available)
  • Are you looking for interview partners? (if yes, please specify)

Please be aware that we can only accept very specific research requests, and that conducting inverviews with our volunteers and visitors is generally not possible.