Support options & info about the EU Migration Pact

Give relief and support for Christmas Some ideas for donations to organisations in which we trust and with which we collaborate. Support the rule of law: the Legal Centre Lesvos Empower refugee women: Glocal Roots Donate for unaccompanied children: Together for better days Support for LGBTQI*: Lesvos Lgbtiq+ Refugee Solidarity Enable sport’s activities: Yoga and Sports for Refugees Donate for

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Build Communities not Camps

Build communities – not camps! Lesvos Solidarity – Pikpa, a solidarity structure which was created in 2012 by locals hosted refugees since years in dignified accommodation, welcoming some of the most vulnerable cases (such as victims of torture, victims of shipwreks, LGBTQI+ individuals, single parents etc.). The vulnerable people were officially referred to Pikpa –

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Help us to cover 4 invisible costs

Donate for our 4 invisible costs and become a hero of the admin of One Happy Family.Administration. What an unpopular word, what an unpopular task.We prefer to sweep the admin under the carpet, postpone it until later, ignore it and above all we don’t like to spend money on it.Unfortunately, nothing is possible without admin

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