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Fardin Hamidi

Coordination, Mediator, Office support, Music coordination, Helper coordination support

Birthday: 01.01.1997
Nationality: Afghan
Profession: Music student
Working at OHF since: 2017

I arrived in Lesvos late 2016. Since one and a half years now I am everyday in One Happy Family. I was like every other refugee stuck on this island under very bad circumstances for a long time, but because of One Happy Family I had a place I could call home and people I could call family during this difficult time. Through One Happy Family I started to understand many new things about who I am, what I am good at and what I want to do in my life. One Happy Family gave and still gives me everyday the chance to be useful and add my thoughts and ideas into the project. Recently I got my asylum in Greece and now it is time to go a step further.

I speak several languages, I know a lot of people and people know me, I can feel refugee’s needs when they are in terrible circumstances, I know how people want to be talked to, I understand what they want and what they appreciate, I mediate between cultures, languages, religions, opinions etc. and try to be kind to everyone.

As a part of the coordination team in OHF I can forward those thoughts, feelings and needs of the daily visitors so we, as OHF, can achieve exactly what we want – work together with the people and provide what people really need.

I try to participate to a good atmosphere everyday, I play a lot of music, try to make people smile, keep some lists updated, give tours to people who don’t know the place, try to support Akis with coordinating the helpers, support in the social media with taking photos and videos, introduce new helpers to the team and make all the visitors, volunteers and helpers feel welcomed, calm and in peace in One Happy Family.

Never give up