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Sifiso Khumalo

Coordination of the kitchen, logistics, storage management, shopping of goods and hygiene articles

Date de naissance: 14 September
Nationalité: Zimbabwean
Profession: Trading with clothes, assistant cook
Travaille à OHF depuis: June 2018

Before­ I­ started­ volunteering­ in­ One­Happy­­Family,­ I was a regular visitor. I always liked the good atmosphere, the warm welcome with smiles in and around OHF, the medical help that is provided and the warm freshly prepared food that all the visitors received.
I needed something to distract me from my troubles and tensions in Moria, and since I didn’t want to stay there all day, I started helping in the kitchen, which is something I really like and enjoy.
I am now coordinating the kitchen together with Mohammad. We have full responsibility for the kitchen: cutting and slicing vegetables, preparing our daily warm meals, maintaining order and tidying our beautiful outside cooking area, making sure our food storage is in order and that we always have enough in stock to run the project, teaching and­ finding­ new­ staff­ members­ for­ the­ ­kitchen,­ ordering fresh new food, welcoming the daily deliveries and cleaning as we go, working together as a team of different nationalities but with one mindset, energy and motivation: to cook for around 1,000 people with a lovely smile.
1,000 people per day, which might seem impossible at­ first,­ but­ possible­ because­ we­ are­ a great­ team!”

TEAM work – Together everybody achieves more