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Keep an eye on Frontex
Switzerland is part of Frontex. Since 2011, we have contributed with people and money. We should use our voice within Frontex to make the concerns about illegal pushbacks heard and demand consequences: the stepping down of Fabrice Leggeri, Director of Frontex. He blocks external investigations, regardless of the evidence presented by NGOs, media reports by the New York Times, Spiegel and others as well as by internal documents which prove his knowledge about the pushbacks. Sign the petition here.

In case you are on Lesvos right now
We are looking for volunteers! All we ask to work with us is that you are currently on Lesvos and that you are open minded, flexible and humble. Whether you have a lot of time or just a little, we would be very happy to hear from you – through the volunteer form on our website:

Tell us your opinion on our newsletter! 

The monthly newsletter was started back in 2017, as there was no real media coverage about the situation. Our aim was to have a consistent news flow that covered both the OHF activities, and the local, national and international news of migration policies and conditions.  This is why we haven’t given up on our monthly newsletter, even when sometimes there were almost no resources for it. The newsletter is mainly written from afar, because when you’re on the Island there are always a thousand other things to do. This means that we work together with the people on the ground to gather all the relevant information and put it together for you in our newsletter. This year we changed the format of the newsletter into blog entries and are still evaluating – so please tell us, what do you think about our monthly newsletter! Is monthly too much? Should we cover other topics? 

Please fill out the little survey we created and support us with keeping and improving a useful news channel for all of you. 

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