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Nicolas Perrenoud

Coordination, Backoffice, IT, Web, Fundraising, Finance administration, Public Relations

Birthday: 15.12.1984
Nationality: Swiss
Profession: Software-Engineer, MSc ETH
Working at OHF since: April 2017 (part of the coordination team since June 2018)

I came to OHF in April 2017, having previously volunteered with, the precursor organization, on several occasions in Northern Greece. In June 2017, we created the OHF Lesvos association, and I became part of it, organizing charity events, having presentations and working with social media. As I only had the chance to go to Greece for a few weeks each time, it was challenging to start something long-lasting and sustainable on site. That’s why I finally decided to come here for a long-term.

I have several areas of responsibility. When you come to OHF, you’ll probably find me in our team office working on my computer ;-) I will be responsible for partner management, cooperation and workshops, taking over part of Rikes responsibilities. Also, I’m handling the finances on-site, which means handing out money to volunteers when they bought material or filled the tanks of our shuttles, or paying local suppliers. Sometimes I’m taking over English lessons for our helpers or visitors, drive one of the shuttles to Moria or Mytilene, or go shopping supplies.

With my background in IT, I’m trying to keep all IT-related stuff on site up-and running, maintaining our laptop computers together with the guys from our cybercafe, updating our information screen, installing network cables, fixing the printer and so on. I’m developing our internal “OHF WebApp” software, which we use in our “Bank” to register refugee visitors so that we can hand-out our “Swiss Drachma” currency which they can use to “buy” a cafe, non-food-items or get a new haircut at the barber shop. The software is also used as a knowledge-database, and for accounting and donor management, and it’s constantly evolving. Our website at also needs maintenance, and I try to keep all pages updated, and translated in our communication languages German and English.

During my volunteer work in Greece, I met so many amazing people; refugees from many diverse cultures with a lot of talents and ideas, creative and energetic international volunteers and hospitable locals. These people and their passion and dedication which they bring into projects like OHF is what motivated me to come here and work with them to build an amazing place where refugees can experience an atmosphere of peace and dignity.