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Majd Alelewi

Human resource

Birthday: 20.11
Nationality: Syrian
Profession: High School student
Working at OHF since: January 2018

Since I started helping in One Happy Family in beginning of 2018, I feel like I’m doing something for humanity, that’s why I like to be part of One Happy Family. At the beginning I had many friends at OHF, that’s why I wanted to start helping here too– to be closer to them. Now, as being part of the team since some time, I feel this special feeling – this feeling of having more family members. Our work here makes the situation on the island better – this is why we do it everyday.

I do different things everyday. As part of the coordination team I am a mediator and spokesperson between and for all the different teams, including helpers visitors, volunteers and coordination team. I supervise the ground, help to use the Human Resources well, organise the shuttles and the van usages. I translate, support, listen, advice, communicate and solve any kind of obstacle to improve the organisation.

I am everywhere, I know everyone and I care about everyone. This is why I am a valuable part of the team and that’s why I am useful here and for the place.


Keep fighting for the human rights