Become a sponsor for one of our long-term volunteers, who lead the community center and care for its smooth operation.

Read more about the sponsorship system in our brochure (PDF).

Coordination of the kitchen, logistics, storage management, shopping of goods and hygiene articles

Read more about Sifiso Khumalo
Support helper coordination, office work, printing master, helper registration and applications, introducing new helpers to the team and their responsibilities, mediating, translating

Read more about Yahia Heraiz
Volunteer Coordinator

Read more about Zeynep
Coordination, Logistics, Helper-Management, Translator, Contact person for locals, tradesmen and authorities

Read more about Apostolis Bantis (Akis)
Coordination, Social Media, Public Relations, support Shift and Volunteer Coordination, support Case Work

Read more about Julia Bürge
Coordination, contact person for locals, lawyers and accountants, intermediator, translator, Case Work

Read more about Gerasimos Giannoulis
Coordination, Backoffice, IT, Web, Fundraising, Finance administration, Public Relations

Read more about Nicolas Perrenoud