OHF has changed my life

This speech was given at the farewell by our Head of Security Ernest. It was too beautiful not to share!

Thank you everyone for attending to say goodbye to OHF Lesvos, before we meet again in Athens. 

Today is a special day for me, and very important for me to stand in front of you. Since 2019, I have been working with OHF Community Centre, and I learnt a lot and I changed a lot. Thank you to everyone who contributed to OHF. This place has protected me during dark times while struggling with my asylum process. It has set me up for my future. It has changed my life. Not once have I ever felt alone since I started visiting OHF.

For me, OHF means a lot. For me, OHF is the link that can connect people from all over the world, connect with people from different countries, different cultures, different behaviours and different spirits. It is an honest space full of positivity and empathy.

Our goal from here, is to maintain our humanity, unity, and love. To always help and respect each other no matter your position, how you look, or where you come from. It will be a good extension of the values of our Community Centre that we bring into the world.  Thank you.”