The One Happy Family Community Center is mainly funded by private donations and contributions from charities and other non-profit groups. We do not receive any financial contributions from the swis government or any other state.

We need your support in order to keep our doors open. One Happy Family provides an essential resource to refugees on Lesvos: dignity and self-determination in a peaceful community environment. At One Happy Family, people from the refugee camps can get active, learn, relax, build relationships and access vital services in a place where everyone is treated equally and with respect. If you support OHF, you are supporting our many refugee and volunteer-run projects as well as daily operational costs like electricity, water, Internet/free Wi-Fi, transportation, maintenance & cleaning.

Our organisation has tax exempt status according to Swiss law; all donations can be declared on the annual tax declaration. For all online donations we will send out donation receipts immediately via email. For bank transfers, a donation receipt will be sent for the tax return starting at the end of the year (will be received in January/February in the new year). We want to save paper, effort and costs and therefore do not send thank you notes or donation confirmations by mail during the year. In specific cases, we can send you a donation receipt upon request.

You can donate online through TWINT, credit card, PayPal, PostFinance or Masterpass. If you experience any issues during the payment process, please contact us immediately.

In order to make an offline donation, please transfer the selected amount to our bank account.

Bundesplatz 8
3011 Bern
BC/Clearing number: 790

CH23 0079 0016 9736 1524 7

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One Happy Family
CH-3400 Burgdorf

German bank account
We also have a bank account in Germany. This way taxable donors in Germany can deduct donations from their taxes.

We recommend using TransferWise to transfer money from foreign bank accounts to our account.

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