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14 Jan

Refugee story tellers Episode 2: Praying For Disease

“Living under inhumane circumstances in the refugee camp Moria in Lesvos, Greece, people do everything they can in order to get a vulnerability paper from the doctors. It is said, that if you are vulnerable, the authorities will move you away from the camp to better circumstances.

In this episode, we listen to the voice of a young refugee who is currently living in the camp. He explains in further details about the hard conditions, violence and the abuse of alcohol that takes place in the camp.

The episode is created by Khodadad
Produced by Refugee Media Production”

17 Dec

Refugee story tellers Episode 1

This first episode of the new Podcast series from Refugee story tellers, is made from one of our most dedicated students, Khudadad:

In this episode, he explains to us through an interview with a refugee from Afghanistan like himself, about the smuggler’s route – how it works and how thousands of people smuggle themselves to Europe as the only solution they have for a peaceful life.

Then he goes on about how people get sent to the military camp Moria, where the hardships continue for months or even years.

In the next episode, we take our listeners inside the camp to understand a daily routine of one of the resident’s living in a tent in camp Moria.

31 Jul

One Happy Podcast #2

One Happy Family would not be One Happy Family without our amazing helpers and volunteers from all over the world!

On today’s episode we meet the people who help and volunteer in our community centre. Listen which projects they are doing and hear them share some of their favourite memories of the place.

We hope you enjoy our new podcast!

Next week, we are launching a comedy episode. Stay tuned!

23 Jul

One Happy Podcast #1

After workshops, practise and dedication, we are happy to announce that our small radio team has now released the first episode of our new podcast show, “One Happy Podcast”.

“One Happy Podcast” is a new project which covers activities and stories from #OneHappyFamily. We look deep into the different activities and projects in the centre, as well hear stories from the inspiring guests we have amongst us daily.

Every Monday we share a new episode with a different theme.

This #FirstEpisode is an overview over who we are, what we do and what we stand for. Also one of our coordinators shares the story of One Happy Family and our guests express what the community center means for them.

Share and let us know what you think!